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The nestor project has identified an extensive necessity for training and education in digital long term preservation. For this reason nestor is in the process of developing a concept for training, education and instruction in the field of digital preservation together with other existing institutions (library, archives and museum) that offer professional training.

There will be different events to support the training and education needs. These training events have started with the nestor Spring School 2007 and are continued with workshops and seminars. These ongoing series of events is intended to serve the needs of different communities.

Another building block of the nestor efforts in comprehensive education and training offers is the "nestor Handbook : An Encyclopaedia in digital Preservation" which is intended as a living document which is revised often.

A further step will be the development of e-learning modules on digital preservation.

Unfortunately, the nestor qualification offers will be prepared mostly in German language. On the other hand nestor cooperates with international partners in the field of education and training and is willing to contribute to joint international joint efforts.